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Learn about how Jabil’s unique management culture empowers people and supports social and environmental responsibility.

Jabil Supports Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation Fundraiser

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Over 1,500 people turned out for the 5K walk at Ft. Desoto in St. Petersburg on Saturday, March 17, 2012 (St. Patrick’s Day) to raise money for the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (JDRF). This year, a new, unexpected $5 parking fee presented a challenge to the fundraising event. Organizers were concerned that the new fee would turn some volunteers away from the walk and affect how much others could afford to donate.

Sheri Diller, Jabil Supply Chain Development Manager in St. Petersburg, Fl. and the Jabil walkers volunteer organizer for the JDRF event, alerted Jabil to the parking fee. Jabil quickly stepped in to sponsor a $5 parking pass for each volunteer at the event. In addition to the generous parking sponsorship, Sherri held several fundraising events at Jabil during the week of the walk. Between the fundraisers and the walk, Jabil employees raised over $1,500 for JRDF. For Jabil employee, Denise Riordan, Commodity Manager for Distribution in St. Petersburg, joining the JRDF Jabil walkers was personal. Having children in her extended family with Type I Diabetes, Denise understands what it is like for a family dealing with Juvenile Diabetes.

“I can’t imagine as a parent waking up in the middle of the night to make sure my child isn’t in a diabetic coma.”

About JDRF

According to the JDRF website, JDRF directed nearly $116 million to fund research, bringing total funding to more than $1.6 billion since inception in 1970.

Carolyn Boos, Executive Director of the JDRF’s Tampa Chapter, notes that the JDRF Tampa Chapter contributes $3.5 million in research funds to the University of South Florida and $1 million to the JABE Foundation.


Jabil Waste Reduction Initiatives Save Money, Space and the Environment

In 2008, Jabil strengthened its commitment to the environment by implementing a global environmental management system. Today it is one of the largest certified systems of its kind in the electronics manufacturing industry, enabling a long-term carbon emissions and energy effort. In its first two years, Jabil achieved a more than 10 percent global reduction based on intensity factor.

Jabil’s plant employees around the globe have embraced the Do Your 2 program and invented new ways to conserve in both major systems and everyday operations, helping Jabil to reduce costs and emissions. For example, in Jabil’s Memphis Aftermarket Services Plant, the Fill it up with air project replaces bulky Styrofoam with inflatable air cushions as set-top box shipping packaging. The Fill it up with Air project, now implemented in other Jabil locations around the globe, significantly reduces shipping costs for customers, takes up less room on the plant floor and reduces impact on the environment.

A Jabil team in St. Petersburg implemented a solid waste reduction program to reduce bulky packing foam used to protect shipments of products and components. By making the foam smaller, it is easier to handle, store, and recycle. The successful project, implemented at other sites around the globe, reduced solid waste volume by 77% at the St. Petersburg location.

Jabil’s strategy for minimizing the impact of its operations and preserving natural resources is focused on reducing waste, energy consumption and our carbon emissions.   Jabil’s waste reduction initiatives are good for the environment, community and business.